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And also this...


(Currently working on a 3D commission for Mediziner, and can only work on one at a time. Please check back later!)


I’m going to try something new and open up 3D art commissions. If you guys have any questions or see anything that needs to be clarified, please let me know! :)

Mulhall Render by ChronosAbyss   Expressions by ChronosAbyss   Swamp Creature Model by ChronosAbyss  Running Pose Turnaround by ChronosAbyss
More examples will be added in the future.

- Characters does not have to be a transformer or a fan-character at all. That's just what I have more examples of at the moment. ^^;
- I can do either organic or robotic characters.
- I will only do original characters. That means absolutely no canon characters that are copywrited or characters that belong to someone else unless you have the owner’s permission to use them.
- No characters with hair unless you don't mind the hair being sculpted like what you would see in TFP or Star Wars: Rebels.
- Character must have a reference sheet with a clear front, side, and back view similar to Mulhall Reference WIP by ChronosAbyss If you would like me to draw the reference sheet for you, head on over to my 2D commission page for more details. 2D Commission Info!!
- I can only take one 3D commission at a time, so if there is enough interest there may be a short wait-list or something.
- If you are interested, please be sure to read over the below details carefully and send me a note. :)


Since 3D art is vastly different from 2D art, I’m going to be using a few terms that are specific to 3D animation. Feel free to skip this part if you already know the basics.

Model: The 3D sculpted form of the character.

Rigging: The process of giving a 3D model joints and controls so that it can be moved around and posed.

FK vs IK joints: FK joints move freely in space, these are typically used for things like arms that swing through the air. IK joints will follow one certain point of attachment, these are used to plant the feet on the ground without them sliding all over the place.

Rendering/Rendered image: Rendering is the process of taking a high-resolution snapshot of the model. This process takes a bit of time to set up and execute as opposed to a simple screenshot.


I am offering two levels of rigging. By default, all models will have basic rigging. If you would like complex rigging it would be an additional $50. Single aspects of complex rigging available on request.

Basic: Contains all joints necessary for a human range of motion in limbs, torso, and wings if applicable. Face has ability to blink, open mouth, and make expressions.

Complex: On top of basic rigging, arm and legs have IK/FK switches allowing them to both swing freely and plant in one place. Mouth has preset phonetic shapes for speaking. Pupils can dilate. Tongue is posable. Feet have additional controls for advanced movement.


Levels of complexity: (This is based mostly on the number of parts your character has. I will work with you to determine the category your character would fall into.)

Bullet; Blue  Simple: Character has a humanoid shape with few extra or overlapping parts, similar to Transformers Animated or the simpler RID 2015 characters.

Bullet; Yellow  Medium: Character has a more complex design similar to what you would see in Transformers Prime.

Bullet; Black  Complex: Character has a complex design with numerous parts. Examples of this would be the Predacons from Transformers Prime.

Individual Items: Feel free to mix and match from this list, or pick one of the bundles below.

    -          3D Model with basic rigging: (Bullet; Blue Simple $100/ Bullet; Yellow Medium $130/ Bullet; Black Complex $160)
                    (comes with 3 images of default pose)

    -          Single aspects of Complex Rigging: Between $10 and $50 depending on what you want.

    -          Single pose: 1 for $10, 3 for $25

    -          Facial expressions: 3 for $10, or 9 for $25

    -          Posed 360 turnaround: 1 for $25

    -          Simple Animation : $40  2-5 seconds long. (Walk /run cycle, waving, picking up an object, jumping, ect.)

    -          Complex Animation: $80  6-15 seconds long. (Short action sequence, a simple animation with added dialogue*.)

    -          Advanced Textures: $25  (Add an additional layer of texture containing any scratches, dents, dirt, ect. that you want.)

    -          Props/weapons: $5 and up depending on complexity

    -          Buy the model for your own personal use: $30 (Note that I create all my models in Autodesk Maya, meaning that the file type is a 'Maya ASCII' file. Once purchased, the rigged model is yours to pose and use as you please.)

*In order for me to animate any dialogue that's more than a word or two, the rig must have advanced facial rigging.


Basic Bundle:   (Bullet; Blue Simple $120/ Bullet; Yellow Medium $150/ Bullet; Black Complex $180)

    -          3D Model with basic rigging.

    -          3 Images of default pose (Front, Side, Back)

    -          1 Single pose

    -          3 Facial expressions

Deluxe Bundle:   (Bullet; Blue Simple $160/ Bullet; Yellow Medium $190/ Bullet; Black Complex $220) Saves $15

    -          3D Model with basic rigging.

    -          3 Images of default pose (Front, Side, Back)

    -          3 Poses

    -          9 Facial expressions

    -          1 Posed 360 turnaround 



Details about the models: (this part may sound a bit technical, so feel free to skip it unless you intend on buying and using the model yourself)

-All of my models are rigged in Autodesk Maya, meaning that the file type is a .ma or 'Maya ASCII' file. Texture files are created using both ZBrush and Photoshop and saved as .PNG images.

-Each model will have basic rigging/controls applied to it. This includes IK leg controls, FK arm controls with SDK (set driven key) based fingers, FK spine controls, joint-based SDK facial controls, and aim constrained vision controls. Additional controls such as FK/IK switches and SDK foot rigs are available as advanced rigging options.

Additional Information:
-I retain a copy of all models created by me and may use them in my private art portfolio, but I will not monetize or sell them to outside sources without explicit permission of the character's owner.
-I may occasionally post additional images of the model to my Deviantart account, but will not do so without consent of the character's owner.
-If you purchase a model or rendered images created by myself, you may not sell them to outside sources. You may however distribute the model on a private non-profit basis if you so choose.
-Any images created by the owner after the purchase of the model may be used however the owner sees fit.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions or think that I am missing anything. ;p


The Overlander
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hello, Chronos here! Thanks for stopping by my page. I like sci-fi, adventure, and creating characters.
I tend to lurk in the shadows, but don't be shy if you ever want to talk to me! I swear I'm quite friendly. :)

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke
Interested in commissioning me?
2D Commissions:…

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Residence: Originally from Minnesota, currently attending college in California.
Favourite genre of music: Chiptune remixes, Soundtracks, and Alternative Rock?
Favourite photographer: Peter Parker
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In regards to fanfiction that takes a long time to update; do you prefer it when the writer: 

5 deviants said Waits an indeterminate amount of time until enough of a buffer is built up to make regular updates about once a month.
3 deviants said I don’t care. ... :stare:
2 deviants said Posts a new chapter whenever they are ready, even if the updates are sporadic and take forever.



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